CEYA- Words from the children


-“My name is Keith.  I’m twelve years old.  I’m in grade six. I live in Manenburg.


– Capoeira people came to my school. And they spoke to us about capoeira, and … and it was special to me. And I started to do capoeira here at the community center. Then I was doing it for three years now.


– Doing capoeira it’s great, it feels like … can keep me out of street, by not involving me by gangsters and… drugs and alcohol. It helped me by changing my life. Be a better person to my parents.


– I think it can help everyone by changing their lives. It can help my community, very… and it can take the people of my community… it can take them far. And take them to other places. When I’m little bit older I’ll go over seas, like my teacher was almost like all over the world.


– I think I’ll carry on when I’m big because… I wanna’ put this legacy to my children, also.


A few words for the people of the association:


“ Hum… actually, no.”






CEYA-Words from the children



-“ My name is Bronwyn Heynes, I’m fourteen years old, I live in Manenburg, I’m in grade 9 at Phenix high school.


– The first time I’ve heard about capoeira it was when a group of them came to my primary school for a demonstration, and they asked if we wanted to try. I thought it was cool. So I came at the first class, it was fun.


– I really like capoeira because it helped me to start to stay out of trouble… I like how to do the moves. I train sometimes at home. For me it means a lot – like defend yourself if someone attacks you.


– I think capoeira can bring a lot of things. You can become a teacher. It’s what I want to do, I hope, once…  I like teaching young children the moves. And then it can help the community by keeping the children out of trouble.


– It really changed my life. I’ve met a lot of people, like Arabia. He is cool…”

A few words for the people of the association, and the donators:


-“Capoeira, it’s fun, if you have to lose weight, do capoeira!”





Say hi to Brandon-Lee Floors. At 13 years old Brandon is soft spoken and non-confrontational, but his understanding of capoeira and his natural abilities as a leader makes him one of our most sophisticated students. He lives with his parents, little brother and younger sister. His sister, Kaylene also trains capoeira with CEYA and is one of the more advanced girls. Brandon also loves whipping out beautiful floreios, and outside of capeoira loves to play soccer.

Thanks Chloé!

Our head teacher Aladim asked his students at Bonteheuwel to tell us why they like capoeira. Over and over our volunteer, Chloé,  has come up in their drawings and stories. So, Chloé, a shout out to you. Thanks much for helping out in classes, the aulão, and for the great axé! We miss you!

A couple weeks ago, the Alliance Française held a screening of the capoeira movie, Besouro. This movie has been all the buzz among capoeiristas and Brasilophiles alike and so the event was given precedence to all things Brasil.

The evening began relaxed, with a room packed with a very international crowd, sipping caipirinhas and snacking on pão de queijo. Then, the film screening. It was a folkloric trip through the history of capoeira in colonial Brasil through the  life of the capoeira legend, Besouro. Characteristic of the films by director, João Daniel Tikhomiroff, the movie was beautifully composed, engrossing, surreal, and in a word; intense.

After a brief intermission, the lights went out once more, and we got to the fun part.  There were several demos given after the movie including  a maculelê show, a berimbau orchestra, capoeira solos, a roda, a samba de roda, and a traditional dance from the north-east of Brasil, called forró.

Our kids from Manenberg made a guest appearance, taking part in the solos, the roda, and getting down with the samba. Take a look at their moves on our YouTube channel…. Needless to say,  the crowd went wild.

Thanks to Abadá Capoeira and Cordão de Ouro for inviting CEYA. Shout out to Anne-Marie Sterr for the video.

We asked the kids to tell us a story about their thoughts and experiences with capoeira. Here’s one story that Fatima, from the Manenberg class, illustrated for us.


“My teacher told me about capoeira in class, so I came.”

Meet Lwando. Also one of our longest students, eleven year old Lwando, has been training with CEYA for the last three years. He began at the Langa classes before him, his mom, and his seven siblings moved out to Delft. There he linked in with our Delft class, where his innate leadership and enthusiasm for capoeira brought in more students and solidified the group. He has since moved back to Langa and is also one of our students who is sponsored, by Jackie Roumet from France.

“I like it [capoeira] because I made a lot of friends.” Luando’s cheeky sense of humor and bright smile make this easy, but don’t be fooled; his game, like his kick, is powerful and lightening fast.